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100 % made in Germany

Our products are totally and 100% made in our facility in Witten - Germany. In-house made steel castings, high quality forgings and spare parts, purchased by german suppliers, guarantee a maximum of quality and reliability

Driven & idle wheels

for cranes

Our driven and idle wheels are offered with application-oriented bearings, versatile materials and various shafts. Using our BIS catalogues, choose your suitable solution, adjust parameters as required, or send us your construction design. At the end you will get the product you need!

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Driven & idle wheels with basket bearing ring

BIS 1010 and BIS 1020

Inspired by the DIN 15090, this design is the market standard. The roller bearings are housed in basket rings which can be easily edged  to your steel construction. Many variations of this standard are already constructed and ready to hand in our archive. According to this, suitable solutions are mostly directly presentable.

More information about driven & idle wheels with basket bearing ring

Driven & idle wheels with corner block housings

BIS 1110 und BIS 1120

Wheels with corner block housings provide an application-oriented fixing system. The excellent homogene force absorption combined with optimised installation dimensions are major advatanges of this construction. Easy and fast installation and uninstallation are additional benefit of this running wheels.

More information about driven & idle wheels with corner block housings

Driven & idle wheels with flanged housings

BIS 1410 und BIS 1420

Driven and idle wheels with flanged housings are getting more and more prefered as original equipment standard of leading crane manufacturers. The roller bearings are edged in flanged housings. Because of optimal installation dimensions, this design can be easily integrated to the steel construction. Services and wheel replacements can be done fast and economic.

More information about driven & idle wheels with flanged housings

Running wheels according to costumer specification

We are continously developing our BIS catalogues. In the near future you can find more wheel constructions for your applications. If your prefered construction is not already mentioned, be pleased to contact us for suitable suggestions.